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How are you assessing behaviour preferences and skills development today?

Both are important when it comes to identifying the drivers behind organisational performance.

I want to use Insights Discovery as my 'team' are continually butting heads with each other, I need them to find common ground by understanding each other's preferences.

I am looking for an assessment tool that can support a leadership programme. We are a team of leaders who need to understand our strengths and also where we might derail in the future.

I have a leader who has several blind spots about his capabilities, I want to promote him, but I need to get an objective assessment about his current capabilities first.

Personality Assessment, Team Development and 360° Feedback

Personality assessments increases our understanding of our individual preferences and behaviours. They enhance interpersonal understanding, support personal development and career choices by identifying our strengths and development areas.


  • Increases understanding of strengths, blind spots and personal styles
  • Improves interpersonal relationships, develops communication and teams
  • Supports strategic plans and growth initiatives

Boost self-awareness, individual and team performance

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We've been improving performance for organisations globally for over eight years.

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What our clients say

Health, Safety & Environment Manager

Thank you for a fantastic experience and opportunity to have a 360 report completed…This experience has strengthened my focus on a vision with purpose and how I will go on to achieve those objectives in a business organisation.

Welsh Treasury Department Leader

Many, many thanks Dyfrig this is super helpful.

Chief Finance Officer

Many thanks for an excellent session. Feedback from my team has been very positive...thank you again for an interesting and good humoured development session.

Boost self-awareness and improve both individual and team performance

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